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Save Report As Dialog


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  • Tracy Nedd

    Hi Team,


    When we run a Logi report by applying specified parameters, filters and then uses the 'Save As' function, the report get saved successfully under 'My Reports' folder(Refer attached ss1 & ss2). 

    However, when trying to run the same report from the 'My Reports' folder, the Logi Report parameter screen appears with blanks(Refer attached ss3).


    Basically, report should show output as per the parameters & filters applied at the time of report being saved but it's not working in that manner. We are getting parameter screen again with blank values.

    I tried 'Save as default' & 'Re-enable parameter screen' options also but nothing has worked out for me.


    Could you please tell, how to use 'Save As' function so that report should run according to the selected parameters & filters applied at the time of saving report?


    Thank you,



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