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Welcome to Logi Info 12.7

Time to celebrate! Logi Info v12.7 is now available. This release is full of innovations and fixes, and also delivers developer productivity improvements. Highlights include:

Search Screen ShotImproved Logi Studio Search - New capabilities give you much more control over the process, including the ability to exclude remarked elements, and provides a more web-like search result set format.

Visualizations as Bookmarks - Visuals previously stored as Gallery items are now stored as Bookmarks, as part of an improved content management scheme. An InfoGo migration tool is provided to make it easy to convert existing Gallery items.

Metadata Change Awareness - Analysis Grids, Report Author reports, and Dashboards are now sensitive to changes in their underlying metadata and react in appropriate ways. For example, situations such as metadata column name changes and deletions are handled smoothly.

Column Comparisons - Analysis Grids and Analysis Filters can now compare the values of two columns in their data sets....  read more


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