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Logi Analytics Acquires Jinfonet Software

Logi Analytics has acquired Jinfonet Software, the leading provider of embedded, pixel-perfect, operational reporting and the maker of JReport. This acquisition comes three months after Logi and Jinfonet tied for the #1 rating for embedded analytics by Dresner Advisory Services. The combined companies will provide the richest suite of embedded analytics capabilities available in the market.

Logi and Jinfonet share a unified vision of helping application teams create smarter software for mission-critical applications.

Jinfonet offers industry-leading, operational reporting capabilities while Logi offers advanced dashboards, self-service analysis, and predictive analytics. This acquisition will consolidate two leading embedded analytics vendors under the Logi brand to offer customers the widest range of capabilities available today.

“As software is becoming the face of most businesses, applications are increasingly being driven by analytics,” said Steven Schneider, CEO of Logi. “At Logi, we live to help application teams create smarter software by delivering a trusted partnership experience on a leading embedded analytics platform. By acquiring Jinfonet, we're creating the dominant provider exclusively focused on embedded analytics. ...  read more

Musings from Logi Land

Add Help for Input Elements in an Input Grid

Here's another interesting bit of JavaScript code that we use here at DevNet. The Logi Info Input Grid element makes it easy to align other input elements in an orderly arrangement. However, the Input Grid doesn't support the addition of non-input elements, so you can't include things like an icon for a pop-up explanatory message. Or can you?

You can with this approach, which uses JavaScript to insert an icon image and set up a tooltip for it.

You'll need an image, of course, that's the right size - the one shown here is 16x16 pixels - and you'll need to add an Include Script element at the bottom of your Report definition.

First, you'll use JavaScript to create the image object and a "spacer" to go between it and the end of the input control:

var newImg = document.createElement('img');
var spacer = document.createTextNode('\u00A0');

Next, you need to specify the actual tooltip text that will appear in the pop-up panel: ...  read more

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