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Logi Info v12.6 Delivers Many Enhancements

Time to celebrate! Logi Info v12.6 is available. This release is full of innovations in self-service functionality and process task capabilities, and also delivers developer productivity improvements. The highlights of this release include:

• New elements provide Expanded Conditional Task Processing, giving you a wider range of conditional processing constructs in your Process task definitions. New Procedure elements for Else, Switch, Switch Case, and Switch Else give you complete flexibility in directing processing flow.

• The new Procedure.Run Shell Command element lets you run OS shell commands or applications from a task. It's supported by new tokens for output, exit code, and error messages, which allow you to handle the results. Now your Logi apps can execute batch command files, external applications, and file management commands right from your Logi tasks....  read more

Musings from Logi Land

Prevent Double-Clicks When Submitting a Page

It's time to share some interesting JavaScript routines we use here at DevNet. First up, preventing the "dreaded double-click" when someone submits a page in a Logi application. One click is all that's needed and two often cause problems by running the related action twice. So how can you stop the over-zealous mouse clicker?

This approach uses JavaScript to hide the submit (Save) button and replace it with a "processing" image, as shown at left. This will defend against 99.9% of all double-clicks.

You'll need an Image element for the "processing" image, near your Save button (which can be a Button, Image, or Label element). The Image element's Class should be set to ThemeHidden or a CSS class for display: none; and then use Action.JavaScript beneath your Save button, with this code:

/* hide Save button, show "Processing" image */ document.getElementById('btnSave').style.display = 'none'; document.getElementById('imgProcessing').style.display = 'inline';

...  read more

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