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Almost 10 years of Logi experience implementing both internal and external use cases. Currently embedding Info in a SaaS application supporting Interventional Radiology departments; running Info 14.2 on IIS/MS SQL back-end. Embedded Self-Service Reporting as a sub-module in our application with a customized curation/library feature. Connect with me at

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  • Can't export IncludeHtml to NativeExcel, wraps HTML in SPAN tag

    I have a sample report below. I need to be able to export an SVG to PDF and NativeExcel. I am able to use the IncludeHtml element for the SVG and export to PDF without any issues. However, when I e...

  • Info 14 - Tokenize Scheduler TimezoneID - Bug workaround

    Good morning all, Logi has acknowledged an issue in the new Scheduler TimezoneID feature that occurs if you try to use a Token (or pass a hard-coded value) for the TimezoneID. I have a workaround i...

  • Set startOfWeek to Sunday in chart (HighCharts config)

    I see that HighCharts has an option for setting startOfWeek, which I want to set to Sunday -

  • Export DIV contents to PNG

    We have some client-side JavaScript that we want to include in a PDF Export, but Logi's ABCPDF has the option for client-side JS disabled. One alternative I'm pondering is that, when the user click...

  • BookmarkOrganizer Customization - Remove Gear icons, add functionality to Folder icons

    I have been asked to make the following changes to our Bookmark Organizer:1. Remove the 'gear' icon (rdSettingsCog.png)2. Move the gear's functions (Add New Folder, Rename Folder, Delete) to the Fo...

  • Scheduler - Show user local time, but schedule as UTC??

    We are running 12.7 SP8 with a plan to upgrade to 14.0 SP3 in the near term. I know that v14 has TimeZone support for Scheduler but I don't want to force the upgrade just for this feature. When our...

  • SSRM/InfoGo - Flatten Group Header rows

    Hey Info-peeps!! Has anyone found a way to flatten out Group Header rows in Self-Service (SSRM/InfoGo)? Basically, we have several tables with multiple levels of grouping, but each group adds anoth...

  • Add WaitPanel to onclick/Action.Javascript

    I'm using the tmfBookmarkOrganizer in my SSRM implementation to swap out and style the Folder Rename mechanism. I have the following EventHander in my TMF: <EventHandler DhtmlEvent="onclick">   <Ac...

  • Schedule Bookmarks for Email

    I've been asked to add a mechanism in Info (not InfoGo/SSRM yet) to allow users to schedule Bookmarks to be emailed to themselves on a Schedule. My goal is to add a column to the Bookmark Organizer...

  • Bookmark Folder Location

    Has anyone had any issues or experience with the Bookmark Folder Location and Bookmark Default Collection attributes? We are revamping our Bookmarks so I have an opportunity to configure these to b...