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Scheduler - Show user local time, but schedule as UTC??




    Not tested at all, but what if you hide Logi's "selSchFirstRunTime_rdSchedule" input for time and inject a new input which allows the user to select their local time.  Upon entry it would programmatically update Logi's "selSchFirstRunTime_rdSchedule" input with the UTC time.

  • Johnny Stevens

    Thanks VISUI

    I'm testing out a few other options, but I just got feedback indicating that we won't release Scheduling until after our 14.0 SP3 update. This will allow me to use Info's new Timezone support feature. We have an internal table where I grab the user's TimeZone value as a Session Token, so I'm planning to do the following:

    1. Use our TMF to hide the Timezone option:
          <!-- Hide TimeZone -->
          <SetAttribute ID="rowSchTimezone_rdSchId" Class="ThemeHidden" />


    2. Push my team to allow the default of Daily at 9:00 am for the default since running Once Right Now is not a very common use case for Scheduling Bookmarks. If they disagree, then I'll have to work out some JS to pass the FirstRunTime as the user's current local time. The JS I was using stopped working for some reason; I believe there is a timing issue where the Hidden Input isn't 'ready' when the ScheduleXml is created. I was using
      varLocal = moment().format("HH:mm");
      document.getElementById('hdnLocalTime').value = varLocal;

      Then setting the ScheduleXml's FirstRunTime to @Request.hdnLocalTime~
      Not currently working as I'd like.

    3. Add our @Session.UserTZ~ value (e.g. "Eastern Standard Time") in the ScheduleXml Link Parameters for TimezoneID:
      <Schedule Type="Daily" StartDate="@Date.Today~" FirstRunTime="09:00" TimezoneID="@Session.UserTZ~"/>


    4. I'm also using TimePicker.js to ensure proper Time formatting of the input, running the following onload under a transparent 1px img:
        timeFormat: 'h:mm p',
        minTime: '12:00 AM',
        maxTime: '11:59 PM',
        dropdown: false

    Hopefully, my team approves the 9am Daily (or maybe 9am Monday??) and I don't have to keep fiddling with the values. :)


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