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Bookmark Folder Location


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  • Glyn McKenna

    Hi Johnny,

    Here are a couple of pointers for reference. There are two different situations and then some factors inside of those that might influence how you configure this. There is the SSRM implementation vs where you introduce self-service style features into a regular managed reporting web app (i.e. not using the SSRM package).

    For SSRM, you will be advised to keep the Bookmark Collection attribute set to @Function.UserAccount~goCollection, however you can introduce levels of folder structure and parameterisation into the Bookmark Location attribute - whether this has been mapped to the database or if it remains on the file system. This will help with organisation, however the main point is if you don't maintain the @Function.UserName~ in the Bookmark Collection, you may run into issues with sharing.

    If you're setting this up for the use of Dashboards and visuals in a regular Logi Info web app, it will depend on whether or not you enable sharing or not. If it is fully managed then you have more flexibility, however if you do introduce something like the Analysis Grid and you enable Bookmark sharing, I would recommend that you still set your Bookmark Collection with @Function.UserName~ to ensure it corresponds with the user names in the sharing lists. When sharing is one of those requirements, as a precautionary task I would spend some time testing that area and ensuring visibility of panels between users and groups of users is as expected.

    If I've missed anything important please do add additional comments


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