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SSRM/InfoGo - Flatten Group Header rows





    I am confused.  How does creating a formula column to provide the flattened grouping remove any of those functionalities?  You can still include those columns into the table and perform those sorting and linking functions with those original columns. 

    It is not ideal, but other solutions (if any) would most likely be too complex to justify the solution and would also hinder the whole "self service" experience that SSRM is supposed to provide.

    This is the only solution available within SSRM that I know of.  Your alternative would be a programmatic alteration of the table structure using jQuery which would have to re-run with every refresh of the table or report and could potentially cause performance issues.

  • Johnny Stevens

    Hey John,

    Thanks for responding! My team has been "spoiled" by the customizable, multi-level grouping that I've done in Logi Info so the SSRM visually-layered grouping is kind of a shock. It takes up considerably more space in the output.

    I'm working with my team to add the formula column and use it for grouping, then leave the 'functional' columns in the SSRM output, using Merge Duplicates and Aggregate>Max to clean up the output. I think we can find something workable with this model. Thanks again!


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