Regarding CVE-2021-44228
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How a community works
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Community Initiatives
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Forum Approvals
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Logi Info dark theme
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Issue with Bookmarks switching between filesystem and database
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New option for 'live' export of Chart to PDF/Excel
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Set startOfWeek to Sunday in chart (HighCharts config)
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Fixed columns and headers with crosstab for vertical / horizontal scrolling
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How can we create breadcrumbs automatically when there are n numbers of drills ?
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How can we set the ending date as Today date in Calendar.
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What new/cool things are you doing with Logi Info?
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Excel export date format not coming based on OS short date
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Scheduler not sending report with data
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Sample Center Slide Panel - CSS styling issue
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Link Paramaters in QueryString
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Tabs element - Inactive Tab, change font color on hover
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Azure DevOps connections using OData
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DataTableColumn Sort in a SubReport - Mode must be IncludeFrame?
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Error while scheduling bookmark
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How to enable "Global filtering using chart data point" in a dashboard?
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Data Labels (Last Point)
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**Resolved** How to conditionalize the Background Color of DataTable Column in NativeExcel
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***Resolved**** Unable to Connect to specified Schema using the Connection
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LamdaEx - Anaylsis Grid - Date Range
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PDF export - Add DataTable HeaderRows and GroupHeaderRows to top of each page
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**Resolved** ThemeHidden Class not correctly applied in NativeExcel exports
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