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What new/cool things are you doing with Logi Info?



  • Johnny Stevens

    We are using Logi Info as an embedded BI tool in our SaaS application, supporting Interventional Radiology departments. We launched what was a series of linked charts in a previous BI solution as a single chart with drill-down functionality on the data points using a SQL Server CTE to allow users to work down a hierarchical 'tree' of data (e.g. drill into '01' to see '01.01', '01.02', '01.03'...).

    We also worked with Logi support during implementation to build a custom side menu with FancyTree.js. Along with expand/collapse and search features, this menu highlights the current report or Bookmark in the side menu so the user always knows where they are in the application.

    Working on implementing Self-Service reporting next!

  • Blake

    Cool stuff!  How are you implementing your embedded solution?  The embedded API (I think this is still iFrame ultimately), or at one time there were some articles floating around embedding using services?

  • Johnny Stevens

    We are implementing Info with an iframe and SecureKey. We wanted to minimize the amount of effort from our parent app's dev team and the iframe was a simple solution that allows me to take the passed variables/tokens and do everything I need natively in Logi.

    For adding SSRM to our Info application, I'll need to come up with some other options as everything in SSRM wants to use the SSRM side menu, but we need to retain our custom FancyTree side menu. We also need to find a way to manage and/or exclude SSRM Bookmarks from our side menu Bookmark presentation.


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