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Data Labels (Last Point)




    Since we don't know what type of X-Axis data (number, category, datetime), the easiest way is to make sure your data is sorted so that it matches the X-Axis order, add a sequence column, an aggregate column set to Max, and a calculated column which uses a simple iff statement.  Use that calculated column as an @Chart token value for the data point color.


    <Report ID="LogiForum.serieslastpoint">
        <ChartCanvas ID="cc1">
          <Series Type="Line" Color="Black" LineThickness="4" ChartXDataColumn="Name" ChartXDataColumnType="DateTime" ChartYDataColumn="Value">
            <DataLayer Type="Static">
              <StaticDataRow Name="10/1/2020" Value="52000" />
              <StaticDataRow Name="11/1/2020" Value="48000" />
              <StaticDataRow Name="12/1/2020" Value="35000" />
              <StaticDataRow Name="1/1/2021" Value="64052" />
              <SequenceColumn ID="seqid" />
              <SortFilter SortColumn="seqid" DataType="Number" />
              <AggregateColumn AggregateColumn="seqid" AggregateFunction="Max" ID="MaxName" DataType="Date" />
              <CalculatedColumn Formula="iif(&quot;@Data.seqid~&quot; == &quot;@Data.MaxName~&quot;, &quot;#FF0000&quot;, &quot;Transparent&quot;)" ID="Color" />
            <MarkerPoints MarkerPointFillColor="@Chart.Color~" MarkerPointRadius="5" />
            <AxisLabelStyle Format="Short Date" />
      <ideTestParams />

  • Jon Walters

    Thank you for this but I want to show the Label so what the value is at the last point - is this possible?


    My apologies for misunderstanding your question.  The two-series solution you have would be the easiest method.  It does not appear that the Data Label element accepts a tokenized color based on the row of data for the point.  

    The only other way to achieve this would be to utilize javascript with the beforeCreateChart or afterCreateChart events.


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