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How to pass value from search to API parameter




    Select2 offers Ajax functionality within the configuration options of the control.

    I would use the Select2 Ajax option in lieu of a Logi DataLayer Rest and pass the search parameters in that manner. 


    ajax: {
    url: '',

    Select2 doesn't have a built-in configuration option to limit the number of search results, it appears this needs to be handled at the rest api by means of implementing pagination.  You could use a Logi Data Definition which does the search for you, configuring the datalayer to limit the results via Maximum Rows attribute or a Condition Filter.

    VISUI, Inc can help build out a fully functioning Select2 control which meets all of your requirements.


  • Seema Verma

    As I am using utilize this configuration option and passing in your search values the issue we are facing is how we can pass this the q parameter in my HTTP body  again whenever it search input change.

    $(document).ready(function() {
    ajax: {
    url: 'searchapi/kb/search',
    data: function (params) {
    var query = {
    q: params.term,type: 'public',limit:'50'}
    // Query parameters will be ?search=[term]&type=public
    return query;



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