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Caching Rest datalayer - Show "last refreshed on"


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    The cachekey will determine what triggers new caches to be created.  If you are using an @Function.SessionID~ token the cache created won't expire until the user's SessionID changes OR the cache has expired.  Since each cache will have a slightly different date/time based on the order of the datalayers and how quickly the data is retrieved, I would either create a final local datalayer with a similar cachekey strictly used to cache the data refresh date OR add a Calculated Column to the last executed Local Datalayer to stores the Data Date. The first option is with the separate Local Datalayer will probably be the most efficient since the Calculated Column would only be executed once, instead of over multiple rows of data.

    As for your last question, I would let the Logi engine handle the cached data cleanup.  You can configure this feature using the information here:


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