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    Anil Patel

    Hello Leah,

    Thank you so much for your feedback. The two issue you have brought up here are the two biggest pain points that end users have come back to us on. We are currently working on solutions for both search, were search results are limited to a particular section, and with the documentation navigation. As and when we implement these changes, I will inform the DevNet community on the front page. We hope to have the search experience improvement implemented by the end of this month.  

    Please let us know if you have any other feedback around DevNet. 


  • Leah Oliver

    I don't know how to submit feedback for this since it's about the DevNet site and not a product, so I'll try commenting here.

    First, if you go to the documentation section for a product, like Logi Info, and select a particular version (v12 in my case), the search bar says it will show results for that version.  However, it actually shows results for all versions, which is annoying.

    Second, is it possible to bring back the table of contents on the left?  There's a list on the left of some articles in the section, but it isn't a complete list and they aren't even in alphabetical order so it's hard to find things.  I also switch between different sections (datalayers, charts, functions) all the time, so having to go back to the section list, then click the "See all ## articles" link to find what I want every time is just time consuming.  The new navigation is probably fine for looking up articles, but it's not great when you're using it as a reference guide.  I'd rather just have an offline PDF file if a ToC isn't possible.

  • Johnny Stevens

    Hey Anil,

    My comment is related to Leah Oliver's but slightly different. The old DevNet format was to have a long page containing all information for a single topic with jump links to the TOC atop the page. This was helpful because nearly every aspect of the topic was viewable (and searchable in the browser) somewhere on the page.

    In the new DevNet, each sub-topic has its own page and there is no relation/link/TOC to indicate the part's parent topic. This makes it impossible to find every sub-topic in question and hides other parts of the topic from the user's view. Further, if a user finds a "TOC" page for a topic and clicks on links to the sub-topics, there is no breadcrumb back to the parent topic.

    To give a working example, I had found a page for "Events: beforeCreateChart and afterCreateChart" ( which was partially helpful to me. What I did not know was that this page was part of the larger topic of "Charts API", so I didn't know what else to search to assist in my usage and understanding of these Events until a Forum User (Blake) pointed me to the Charts API page (

    Further, when I click on sub-topics from Charts API, I am forced to use the browser back arrow to get back to the main topic. The "Articles in this section" in the side panel seem to be generic, including things like "Using Logi Studio" and "Getting Started" with no specific relationship to the sub-topic/topic I'm working with.

    Perhaps, outside of going back to the single-page per topic model, a better option would be to have two divisions in the side panel - one for "Articles in this Topic" which shows a tree hierarchy of the actual Topic I'm in (similar to what Confluence does in their side menu, see image), then another for "Related articles" with the list like exists now in the side menu. This would keep users in the context of the Topic and provide links to related sub-topics and articles of interest which are currently hidden from the user.


  • Anil Patel

    Hello Johnny,

    Thank you so much for your feedback and especially for providing me with a working example. The documentation structure and the lack of a  value adding TOC has become a priority issue that the DevNet team is looking to fix. Having a side panel with “Articles in this topic” is a key part of our solution to this issue, similar to the old Documentation side panel. We are also looking at ways to have one topic per page to drastically reduce the number of articles and make navigation, search, and discovery that much easier. I do not have a timeline for this yet, but hope to come back to you very soon with more. 

    I would love to connect with you again on a call to discuss this further and gain deeper insight into your experiences and pain points with how documentation is presented on DevNet. I will email you directly.

    Thank you.


  • Anil Patel

    Hello Leah Oliver,

    We have made some enhancements to the search experience on DevNet. This enhancement will allow you to search within a specific product and version, and gain results that are limited to that product and version. In this enhancement, your search query will be “edited” depending on where you are searching with additional keywords to help increase the relevance of your search results. These keywords are generated using the navigation breadcrumbs and will be automatically added to your search query in quotation marks.

    I hope this helps you with your search experience. Please let me know if you have any feedback.




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