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PDF export - Add DataTable HeaderRows and GroupHeaderRows to top of each page



  • Martin Rees

    Hi Johnny,

    Did you find a way to do this?  I have the same requirement for a report that will be printed as a works\job sheet.



    The problem with this scenario is that with a normal Logi Datatable, the only designated element that is designed to repeat on each page of an export is a table header element.  Logi Table header elements cannot be generated dynamically based upon the current data row.  Their labels must either be static or based off of a token set outside of the datatable (ie. repeat, local, request, etc).

    I thought possibly of building (only for export consumption) a series of datatables (one for each grouping) using the repeat element so that each table could have a custom header taking the place of the group header row, however, in my limited tests this breaks Logi's ability to repeat column headers on each page of the pdf export.  Creating output in this way presents other challenges for alignment.  All tables would have to be set to fixed layout and columns would need to have widths specified.


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