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Issue with Bookmarks switching between filesystem and database


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    Does your Bookmark Folder Location include any tokens other than @Function.AppPhysicalPath~.  mappings such as @Function.UserId~ or @Function.Username~ are not allowed in the mapping path.


    Its Folder attribute is set to a file folder that has been previously configured to store bookmark files. For example, to store bookmarks in the database, this attribute and the General element's Bookmark Folder Location attribute would be the same, as long as you do not have any dynamic subfolders in the BookMark Folder location.. The @Function.AppPhysicalPath~ token can be used in this attribute but other tokens are not allowed.

    If you DO have dynamic subfolders(such as in SSRM), then you need to specify it in this way (for example) if:


    Then your mapping would look like this:

    <FileToDatabaseMapping Folder="@Function.AppPhysicalPath~\goBookmarks"


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