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Subtotals within Crosstab




    I thought this was a feature that Logi had planned to add awhile back, but it doesn't look like it was.

    When I was in the Expert On-Demand group I provided an example of this in the Logi 2016 User Conference application, but those applications are no longer available for download.

    Basically the solution was to union the detail datalayer with the group summary datalayer, where each had a column that identified the data's "rowtype" ("Main" or "Total").  The resulting data was then sorted according to the group filter, then the crosstab filter did its trick.

    The rowtype column was then used to apply a conditional class on the crosstab table cells so that the sub-totals were highlighted.

    The example also used jquery to provide a collapsible view.

    If I find the code, I will post it. 

    Oddly I found a screenshot of the resulting crosstab.

  • Johnny Stevens

    Hey VISUI (cc: Tyler Shedden)

    I still have the ZIPs of the 2016 and 2019 Kick-Ass apps. Which report are you referencing? I can post it here. Alternatively, if you have a Dropbox or something similar, I can post the full app(s) for you.

    Let me know,


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