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Action.Link default browser used




    My assumption is that the client computer is launching whichever browser is flagged as its default.  Otherwise you would risk trying to launch an application that may not exist on the client computer.

  • Johnny Stevens

    Hey Campbell Fuller. I concur with VISUI; there is nothing in Logi Info that will natively allow an Action.Link to run in a specific browser. With that said, there may be ways using JavaScript to ask that an action be run with a specific program. I'd recommend you do some searching on this, then convert your operation in Info to use an Action.Javascript instead of Action.Link.


  • Campbell Fuller

    There is something really odd about this as I have Windows 11 using Edge as the Default Browser and within Logi itself whilst testing it pops up IE when navigating to a new URL! 

    Now, if I copy the Logi report link from it's internal browser and paste it into Edge then click on the field it opens it in Edge!


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