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Positioning images in Procedure.Export Native Excel




    As far as I know, the only way to accurately place images within an Excel export is to utilize a Logi Excel Template.  

    When exporting images to excel using Target.NativeExcel, they are placed on top of the grid system.

    I even tested this scenario by using a Rows/Row/Column structure (HTML Table) which contained an image in each of two column cells.  I then identified the table's ID for export within the Target.NativeExcel but it had the same results.

  • Andrew Szycher

    Thank you for your answer.

    I'm using the Excel Template to create tables and excel charts, but don't know how to add images to the template.

    What's the method?


    Honestly, I think you would have to build the functionality into the template file with vb to display an image in one cell based upon another cell value inserted by Logi.

    There is nothing in the Logi Excel template that seems to allow you to insert an image.




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