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How can we show forcasting values on the line chart



  • Glyn McKenna

    Hi Anvita,

    There are a few things you need to ensure in your data preparation for the forecasting elements. Here are the basic rules

    Data should conform to the following requirements:
    • Dependent data column data should have Numeric data type
    • Dependent data column data should not contain NULL values
    • Independent data column should have DateTime or Date data type
    • Dataset should be in ascending order by independent data column value

    There is some more reference material here (if you haven't seen it already):

  • Anvita Rastogi

    Hi Glyn,
    I have tried to implement this but it shows us no data available Can you please share a sample report for implementing forecasting. current.time period.

    Please find the attached sample report

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Report ID="Default" SavedBy="AzureAD\AnvitaRastogi" SavedAt="12/17/2021 3:07:07 PM" EngineVersion="12.7.367-SP7">
    <DataLayer Type="XMLFile" ID="dlOrdersXML" XMLFile="NW_Orders.xml">
    <GroupFilter GroupColumn="OrderDate" />
    <AggregateColumn AggregateColumn="Freight" AggregateFunction="Sum" ID="te" />
    <Forecast Type="CurrentTimePeriod" DataColumn="Freight" DateTimeDataColumn="OrderDate" ID="test" TimePeriod="Year" ForecastDifferenceColumnID="xyz" ForecastIndicatorColumnID="1" ForecastValueColumnID="2" />
    <Series Type="Line" ChartYDataColumn="te" ChartXDataColumn="OrderDate" ChartXDataColumnType="DateTime" />

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