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working in logi info studio some Report file taking load for each when i click on it


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  • Glyn McKenna

    Hi Dipak,

    Without seeing your report definition or a debug trace it would be hard for anyone to comment on your report specifically, however I would recommend that you start by reviewing the debug page in "Debugger Link" mode. As you cast your eye down the righthand side of the debug page, lookout for large step changes in the time bar graphic. These should correlate to long running queries, or other intensive tasks and point to where your report is running slow. If your data layers do not have ID's then I recommend giving them some meaningful names before reading the debug page, otherwise it will be harder to pinpoint the specific data layer that needs to be reviewed. This will be a good place for you to start. 

    There are some useful bits of advice about performance tuning your report definitions in the comments for this other forum post too: "What is your page load target"

    I hope that this helps



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