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LogiXML Scheduler Service - Error



  • Blake

    In your _Settings.lgx file for the scheduler can you check the logging level?

    <WebRequest Timeout="20" ConcurrencyLimit="10" Stagger="1" LoggingLevel="DEBUG" MaxFieldLength="4000" />

    With debug turned on, I get a pretty detailed message and that might help you diagnose what is going on.  I had some permission issues with an upgrade, but I wasn't getting anything going through the scheduler service.

  • Kevin Gesquiere

    Thanks for your feedback. In the _Settings.lgx file for the scheduler the LoggingLevel was already set to DEBUG.

    <WebRequest Timeout="20" ConcurrencyLimit="10" Stagger="1" LoggingLevel="DEBUG" />

    Below the error I get in all the log files for the scheduler.

  • Johnny Stevens

    Hey Kevin,

    Blake may have better input on this, but I was curious about your "Response" element in the ProcessTask being executed. I believe that the ProcessTask Procedures can run correctly but still have the Response fail, which is what you describe here. Is there something in the Response that is hitting an inaccessible server and/or failing?


  • Blake

    Good call.  I'd be interested in seeing the layout of the process task.  Can you try to replicate this locally with the Debbugger Style = Debugger Links?  Does anything popup there?  I'm not entirely sure on this exactly, but in IIS (web.config) can't you switch <compilation defaultLanguage="vb" debug="true" /> to make sure the full stack of the error is shown?

    Other than that the output from the process log looks identical to mine.


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