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Dummy row names with value 0.



  • Johnny Stevens

    Hi Aarush,

    If you set the X-Axis Type to DateTime, then add a ChartTicksAndGrid element under X-Axis element, you should be able to set the ChartTicksAndGrid "Interval" attribute to "01:00" to see all X-Axis Ticks even if there is no data for that X-Axis value.

    You may need to trial and error the Interval (maybe even "1" would work??) value, but that's a Logi hack to get all ticks to show.

    Let me know how this goes!

  • Steve Jarvis

    Hi Aarush,

    If the above solution does not work I use this often and have achieved it by setting the X-axis Data Column Type to Text. I define the ChartTicksAndGrid as 6 since I am using 10 min time slots.

    In the following charts I am comparing data by day for a three week period, live data for today solid line, past two week scattered..

    Same chart with the second two weeks deselected.

    I hope this helps.




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