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Adding Checkbox for bulk selection for duplication and deletion



  • David Daley

    Do you need something to check all the boxes?

    <DataTableColumn Class="centered" Header=" " ID="colMultiSelect" SecurityRightID="Admin,UserAdmin,PowerUser" Width="25">
      <ExtraColumnHeader ID="colSelectNone" ShowModes="SelectNone">
        <Label Caption="&lt;input type=&quot;CHECKBOX&quot; rdcheckboxdefaultvalue=&quot;&quot; value=&quot;1&quot; rduncheckedvalue=&quot;0&quot; class=&quot;pointer bold&quot; id=&quot;cbMultiSelectHeading&quot; name=&quot;cbMultiSelectHeading&quot; /&gt;" Format="HTML">
          <Action Javascript="$(&quot;[id^='cbFavorite']&quot;).prop(&quot;checked&quot;, !$(&quot;[id^='cbFavorite']&quot;).prop(&quot;checked&quot;));" Type="Javascript" />
        <InputCheckbox CheckedValue="1" Class="bold" ID="cbFavorite" UncheckedValue="0" />

    Or how to process those that are checked?

    --Remove Multi Filter

    delete from userfilter where userfilterid = '@Request.tbFilterID_Row1~' and '@Request.cbFavorite_Row1~'='1'
    delete from userfilter where userfilterid = '@Request.tbFilterID_Row2~' and '@Request.cbFavorite_Row2~'='1'
    delete from userfilter where userfilterid = '@Request.tbFilterID_Row3~' and '@Request.cbFavorite_Row3~'='1'...

    You could probably get more creative on the SQL than the brute force I am using.


    The screenshot of the goHome interface already has a bulk checkbox function.  This works with delete because Logi's bookmark delete also has a bulk function.  Duplication doesn't seem to have a bulk function so I think you would have to use javascript to loop over each bookmark selected (via bulk) then issue separate copy bookmark functions for each.

  • Adambhare

    Thanks David Daley and VISUI for the input.


    Actually... in SSRM 14.1.612 goHome now includes a bulk duplicate function if you turn it on via the Constants.


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