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Error 5 undefined




    I cannot provide guidance to this particular error as I have not experienced it before.  If this is happening to only panels that have parameters, when you go into the parameters and choose another value does the error go away?  For 12.8 you can turn on debuggerlinks and when you go into the main page's debug page, you should see separate debugger trace threads for each displayed panel.  Possibly there is more information provided in those debug pages.


    If this only occurred when you upgraded to 12.8, you can always downgrade back to your original version to see if the error goes away.  For 12.8, you should try upgrading to the latest service pack available which looks to be 12.8 sp4.


  • Michael Aranda

    Thank you for the feedback.  I turned on debugger to try and view the error.  Like I mentioned, it loads about 5 panels, the additional panels get the following:  


    when I try to click on debug for the particular panel, I get a 404 not found message.  When I click on the debug for the page itself, I don't see anything that shouts out.  I am wondering what memorystreamlimit refers to.  I see it set in the debug code to  10MB.  Is that too small?  if so, how do we adjust it.  


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