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Using HighCharts within LogiInfo


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    The include script element has a child element JSON Data which will accept any Logi Datalayer.  The JSON Data can be configured to be returned as the value of a variable.

    The JSON Style can be configured for Columns to Property Arrays, which will I think give you the necessary output data.

    <Report ID="LogiForum.IncludeScript">
        <IncludeScript IncludedScript="console.log(data);">
          <JsonData JsonVarName="data" ID="jsonData" JsonStyle="ColumnsToPropertyArrays" JsonOutput="Inline" JsonHumanReadable="True">
            <DataLayer Type="Static">
              <StaticDataRow Company="Acme" City="Washington D.C." Employee="Joe Schmoe" />
              <StaticDataRow Company="Acme" City="Washington D.C." Employee="Mary Sheltz" />
              <StaticDataRow Company="Acme" City="Boston" Employee="Dave Getz" />
              <StaticDataRow Company="Acme" City="Boston" Employee="Tim Smith" />
              <StaticDataRow Company="Amazon" City="Pittsburgh" Employee="Dan Blank" />
              <StaticDataRow Company="Amazon" City="Pittsburgh" Employee="Marty McFly" />
              <StaticDataRow Company="Amazon" City="Pittsburgh" Employee="Greta Green" />
              <StaticDataRow Company="Amazon" City="Boston" Employee="Joe Mama" />
              <DataLayerLink ID="dllinked" />

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