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Sample Center Slide Panel - CSS styling issue




    The LambdaEx Slide Panel looks to be a simplification to the Slide-In Panel shared element I created for the 2016 Logi User Conference.

    If the css you specified is needed for the slide panel, but not needed for the rest of the document, you should made the selector more specific.  The following css is basically selecting all elements by using the asterisks and placing empty content before and after it.

    *::after, *::before {
      content: '';

    To make this selector more specific, prefix the selector with a css class or element id.

    .cd-panel *::after, .cd-panel *::before {
      content: '';





  • Martin Rees

    Thanks again VISUI, this has helped a great deal  I can't work out how to target the correct class to ensure that the main content Div still "dims" when the slideout is visible.  But the above change does allow the slideout panel to work correctly AND the AG be to be displayed correctly!


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