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**Resolved** Info 14.1 SP2 - How to conditionally hide a DataTable Row?




    Logi does not provide a means to hide a DataTable Row using a Conditional Class or such.

    The reason your CSS doesn't work upon export is that the :has() selector does not have consistent browser support.  The Logi Export Engine most likely does not support this selector.

    I am not understanding why you need to maintain the row in the datasource once all of the calculations and summaries have been completed.  Logi will perform elements in the order in which they are displayed. If you place your compare filter below you Summary, it will be processed afterwards.

    This solution will persist to your export as well.

    <Report ID="newReport3">
        <DataTable ID="dt2">
          <DataLayer ID="dls2" Type="Static">
            <StaticDataRow encounter="1" service="01.01" />
            <StaticDataRow encounter="36" service="" />
            <StaticDataRow encounter="47" service="02.01.01" />
            <StaticDataRow encounter="49" service="03" />
            <StaticDataRow encounter="123" service="01.01" />
            <GroupFilter GroupColumn="service" ID="grpService" KeepGroupedRows="False">
              <GroupAggregateColumn AggregateColumn="encounter" AggregateFunction="Count" ID="ctEncounter1" />
            <AggregateColumn AggregateColumn="ctEncounter1" AggregateFunction="Sum" ID="sumEncounter1" />
            <CompareFilter CompareType="&lt;&gt;" DataColumn="service" ID="cfservice" />
          <HeaderRow HeaderPosition="Top" ID="hdr1" IdeDisplayStatus="Collapsed">
            <Column ID="hdrCol1">
              <Label Caption="Total:" />
            <Column ID="hdrCol2">
              <Label Caption="@Data.sumEncounter1~" />
          <DataTableColumn Header="Services" ID="dtcService1">
            <Division Condition="'@Data.service~'&lt;&gt;''" HtmlDiv="True" ID="divService" IdeDisplayStatus="Collapsed">
              <Label Caption="@Data.service~" />
            <Division Condition="'@Data.service~'=''" HtmlDiv="True" ID="divNoService">
              <Label Caption="No Service" />
          <DataTableColumn Header="Encounters" ID="dtcEncounters1">
            <Label Caption="@Data.ctEncounter1~" />
        <LineBreak LineCount="2" />
        <Label Caption="Excel">
          <Action ID="expExcel" Type="NativeExcel">
            <Target ExcelOutputFormat="Excel2007" FrameID="NewWindow" ID="tgtExcel" Type="NativeExcel" />
        <LineBreak />
        <Label Caption="PDF">
          <Action ID="expPdf" Type="PDF">
            <Target FrameID="NewWindow" ID="tgtPDF" Type="PDF" />
      <ideTestParams />
  • Johnny Stevens

    OMG, thank you! I had my booster yesterday and I've been a little foggy today. I knew I was overthinking this!!!

    Thanks again VISUI


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