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Time trends



  • Glyn McKenna

    Hi Dishaa,

    We'll probably need a bit more information I'm afraid. How has your derived field been created? The timebar and the default time attribute need a datetime type - so when creating the derived field you should set the attribute "Type" to Time.

    Is it not possible to use a datetime column already in the data, or does it need to be converted from a string before it can be used or maybe added/subtracted to/from? Let us know if you have a bit more information your able to share with us

  • Dishaa Rajora


    My derived time field has been set to the type "Time". I couldn't use the time field directly, because it was not of a supporting date time field in Logi. (It was of python datetime type).

    I truncated the string into 'yyyy-MM-dd' and set the type to Time.


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