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Exporting More Info Row to Excel



  • Glyn McKenna

    Hi Anton,

    There are few different considerations for export. If you are using rapid export, then this does not support more info rows (More details: If you want to use rapid export i.e. you're need to use the data to import into another application and formatting is not a high priority, then the normal thing to do is to create a new report definition for export only, with a data table and a data layer that has been flattened i.e. all parent columns repeated for each detail row. The end user will not load this report, but the export will utilise it instead of the onscreen visualisation.

    If you wish to "retain" the formatting of the onscreen visualisation in the export then you will need to use the native excel export option. This can be used with both the sub-report (include-frame) mode and the sub data table mode. You should set "Keep Show Elements" to true and don't add the table id (!important). If you need to set the table id due to multiple tables in the dashboard/report, then you should also add the whole table definition to a separate, export only, report definition - shared elements would be a good way to share the table definition between report definitions in this case so that you don't have multiple definitions that may fall out of sync.

    If you set the "Show Modes" attribute on the more info row element to "None" it will only export visible more info rows or just the parent level rows. You should change this to one of the "rdExport..." selections or parameterise the show modes attribute, and pass "All" or one of the "rdExport..." modes as a link parameter. 

    I hope this helps

  • Anton Zujev

    Thanks. Glyn,

    we've settled for a spreadsheet with two pages in the meantime, one contains the "main" table, the second — all available details from the More Info elements. Thanks for the tips though, will keep them in mind next time we run into this problem.


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