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How to manage SSRM Bookmarks among Info Bookmarks??


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  • Johnny Stevens

    As a follow-up to my initial question - We ended up setting up InfoGo/SSRM as a standalone application embedded inside of our Info application using the configuration recommended here -

    Since we are embedding our Info app in an iframe already, and then using another iframe embedded in Info for InfoGo, we added some additional controls. One thing that is working well for us is the iframeresizer.js -

    We embedded the iframeResizer.min.js in our Info Master.
    We embedded the iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js in our InfoGo.goShared report.

    In our Info page (where we host the InfoGo iframe), we added the following:
    sizeWidth:true}, '#myiframe')</script>

    I recommend that you start with "log:true" to confirm functionality. The height and width have several options; you may need to cycle through them to determine which works best for your implementation.

    I have "checkOrigin:false" set in my localhost because my Info and InfoGo are running to separate ports (cross-origin), but our UAT and Production environments will be on the same origin ( and, so it isn't needed for deployment.



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