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Scheduling Processes/Reports without the Logi Scheduler using Windows Task Scheduler and Powershell



  • Paul Smith

    Refer to 
    if you want to add Parameters to your task call:

    Calling a Task from a URL

    You can also call a process task directly from a URL, using the following syntax:

    where rdProcess and rdTaskID are required and additional request variables, such as myParam, are optional.

  • Paul Smith

    You can even do it when you are using Logi's SecureKey for embedded reports.
    Here's the Powershell script for doing that (also without opening browser):
    $processURL = ""
    #Get Logi SecureKey
    $webresponse = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "\username&ClientBrowserAddress=10.20.xx.xx"
    $token = $webresponse.Content
    #Write-Host ($token)
    $newUrl = $processURL + "&rdSecureKey=" + $token
    #Write-Host ($newUrl)
    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "$newUrl"


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