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These sample plug-ins are available for you to use and they can provide valuable insights into how to develop your own plug-ins. For information about using them, see the Usage Notes.

Note: Plug-ins are compiled with a reference to version-specific files provided with Logi Info. Therefore, the example compiled plug-ins provided in downloads from this page may not run with all versions of Logi Info. However, the example plug-in code is still valid and you can re-compile it to run with your version of Logi Info. For more information, see our document Introducing Logi Plug-ins.

Analysis Grid Auto-Columns
Logi Info    20 Jan 2010

This plug-in provides an "Auto Columns" feature, similar to that available for DataTables, for the Analysis Grid. Columns will automatically be created for the AG, with special formatting applied for dates, currencies, and column headers. Download includes plug-in .dll, VB source code, and an example report definition. (.NET)


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