Logi Info Sample Data

Great visualizations always start from good data, and that's why we've made these sample data sets available for you to download and explore with your Logi Info installation.

Marketing is in the midst of a data revolution. There are over 950 products in the marketing technology landscape providing a vast range of data inputs to marketing departments. As a result, today’s marketers are expected to be increasingly analytical and data-savvy in a complex digital environment. It’s exciting, inspiring and frankly a bit overwhelming.

In this dataset, we’ve compiled sample data from a marketing campaign to show how Logi Info can enable the modern marketer to discover and share valuable insights faster. With this data, marketers can easily reveal the relationships between demo participation, lead conversion, opportunity value, and acquisition costs.

Here's a list of the columns we've included:

Campaign MemberThe code for the campaign from which the lead was sourced
TitleThe lead’s job title
First/Last NameThe lead’s first/last name
EmailThe lead’s email address
StateThe state where the company is located
Conversion Stage(i.e., Customer, Active Opportunity, Closed Opportunity, Prospect)
Demo ParticipationWhether or not the lead has participated in a demo (Yes/No)
Date of DemoThe date when the lead participated in a demo
Demo EngagementWhether or not the lead asked a question in the demo (Asked a Question/Didn’t Ask a Question)
Value of OpportunityThe projected value of the opportunity in dollars (excludes Prospects)
Cost to AcquireThe cost to acquire the lead in dollars
First Contact DateThe date when the lead was first contacted

Data will open in your browser. Right-click it, select "View Source", and then save it as a file with a .XML extension. Use DataLayer.XML File to access it.

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