Using Logi Info Studio to create applications
  Hello World! - A Logi Studio tutorial

Using Self-Service to explore data and create charts

You have two options for exploring data and creating charts using a self-service approach, Analysis Grid and Thinkspace, both available in the SSM module. They do similar things, in different ways and can be used alone or together.

Deploying Logi Reports

  Logi Info Apps on AWS

Styling & Frameworks

  Styling with LambdaEx


 Element GalleryElement Gallery
A visual introduction to the major Logi Info elements

 Element ReferenceElement Reference
Detailed information about each element and attribute

 Documentation PDFsDocumentation PDFs
Solution-oriented document compilations in PDF format

 Sample DataSample Data
Data sets you can download and explore with Logi Info

 Upgrade AdvisorUpgrade Advisor
Helps you understand the impacts of upgrading

 Release NotesRelease Notes
List of updates for Info, SSRM and SSM.

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