Using Logi Info Studio to create applications
  Hello World! - A Logi Studio tutorial

Using Self-Service to explore data and create charts
You have two options for exploring data and creating charts using a self-service approach, Analysis Grid and Thinkspace, both available in the SSM module. They do similar things, in different ways and can be used alone or together.

  Analysis Grid for End-Users
  Introduction to the Thinkspace
  Thinkspace: Your First Chart
  Thinkspace: Data Columns
  Thinkspace: Using Charts
  Thinkspace: Customizing Charts
  Thinkspace: Using Crosstabs


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Collapse   Prepare and Install

Collapse   Getting Started

Collapse   Basic Tutorials

Collapse   Accessing Data

Collapse   Manipulating Data

Collapse   Chart Canvas Charts

Collapse   Classic Charts & Gauges

Collapse   Dashboards

Collapse   Data Tables & Lists

Collapse   Design & Layout

Collapse   Exporting

Collapse   Format & Style

Collapse   General

Collapse   Maps

Collapse   Mobile Reports

Collapse   OLAP & XOLAP

Collapse   Reference

Collapse   Scheduling Reports

Collapse   Security

Collapse   Super-Elements

Collapse   Templates

Collapse   User Input

Collapse   Advanced Topics


Collapse   Self-Service Reporting Module

Collapse   Discovery Module


Logi Info Releases:

Collapse  v12.6

Collapse  v12.5

Collapse  v12.2

Collapse  v12.1.188

Collapse  v12.0.036

Collapse  v11.4.046

Collapse  v11.3.049

Collapse  v11.2.040

Collapse  v11.1.033

Collapse  v11.0.43


Element Gallery
A visual introduction to the major Logi Info elements

Element Reference
Detailed information about each element and attribute

Documentation PDFs
Solution-oriented document compilations in PDF format

Sample Data
Data sets you can download and explore with Logi Info

Upgrade Advisor
Helps you understand the impacts of upgrading

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