Logi Info Release Notes


TitleChange Description
Active Query Builder - Joins on Null ValuesTables no longer join on nulls by default when using Joins in Active Query Builder.
ActiveSQL - Group Header RowAn error no longer occurs when a Group Header Row element, with a child Column Cell element, references a Sql Group element.
Analysis Grid - Adding Crosstab Charts To DashboardAn error no longer occurs when Crosstab charts that use certain data aggregation functions are added to a Dashboard.
Analysis Grid - Definition Modifier FileA duplicate column header name is no longer created when a Definition Modifier file is used to rename a column header in an Analysis Grid.
Analysis Grid - Template Modifier File Created in v11Object reference errors no longer occur when an Analysis Grid (AG) is restored from a Logi Info v11 AG Save File which also uses a Template Modifier file that references obsolete AG internal component IDs.
Debugger - Redirect and Multiple DataLayersIf an error occurs in one of a report's multiple Data Layers and the Debugger Style is set to Redirect, users are now redirected correctly.
Export PDF - Chart Canvas in Dashboard PanelsChart Canvas elements without Height and Width attribute values now export correctly to PDFs from Dashboard Panels.
Group Filter - Multiple Group ColumnsData Tables, that have a Group Header Row and a Group Filter with multiple Group Columns, no longer throw an XSLT compile error.
Group Filter - Multiple Group Header RowsAn error no longer occurs when multiple Group Header Row elements use the same Group Filter ID.
Logi Info Installer - Logi SchedulerThe .NET version of the Logi Scheduler Service now installs correctly when the Scheduler is configured to use a MySql database to store scheduled tasks.
Logi Studio - Class SelectorClasses now appear correctly in the Class attribute's drop-down list and Class Selector window in Logi Studio for legacy Themes (ProfessionalBlue, ProfessionalGreen, and SimpleBlue).
Logi Studio - Shared ElementClasses now appear correctly in the Class Selector window in Logi Studio when the Included Shared Element is a StyleSheet.
Process Definitions - Passing Unchecked ValuesThe unchecked values for Input.Checkbox are now passed correctly to Process tasks as Request variables.

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