Logi Info Release Notes


TitleChange Description
Checkbox List - Action.AddBookmarkWhen you add a Bookmark, Info correctly saves the value of the Bookmark, not the Bookmark caption.
Crosstab Table - Comparison ArrowsComparison Style arrows now get rendered correctly in html emails from Action.EmailReport and Procedure.SendHtmlReport.
Data Table - SortingData Table sorting now works correctly inside a report with more than one datatable.
SSRM - Analysis Grid - ColumnsSSRM - You can now change a column's width in your Analysis Grid without Info automatically resizing other columns.
SSRM - BookmarksSSRM - Bookmarks backward compatibility added to Analysis Grid for encoding names to support special characters.
SSRM - BookmarksSSRM - Saved Bookmarks now return a message when the columns are removed in the associated metadata.
SSRM - BookmarksSSRM - You can now run reports in a 12.1 to 12.7 upgraded SSRM application and your bookmarks no longer fail or cause the application to stop responding.
SSRM - Column NameSSRM - Using a column that has space in its name doesn't throw an error now when using in a formula.
SSRM - Crosstab Table SortingYou can now apply sorting on Crosstab Tables and switch between tabs on SSRM Dashboard without getting an error.
SSRM - Custom AggregatesSSRM - Analysis Grid from Custom Query with Custom aggregate now uses the correct table alias.
SSRM - Report AuthorThe Report Center schedule popup now allows you to select the 'nth' weekday when choosing a monthly schedule.
SSRM - Scheduler (Export to Excel)SSRM - Using the 'Export to Excel' option in SSRM scheduler now generates an Excel file in the correct format.
SSRM - ThemesSSRM- Analysis Grid Bookmark loading no longer applies the theme for each Formula column. Instead, the theme is applied just once, after all the Formula columns have been loaded.

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