Hi all, I have a report that I would like to automatically export to PDF through the process task. That part works fine, however when the PDF is created I notice many of the formatting elements are incorrect. For example, the PDF ignores ...  read more >>

Posted by Rebecca Meissen, 6 days ago
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Hi, I am integrating the InfoGo to my application. I want the metadata to be created on the fly so trying to use the metadat url. I have created a web api that returns the meta data xml string. But I am getting below error. I have ver...  read more >>

Posted by Linto Tom, 4 days ago
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While Logi Info Studio is good for overall development, we find that having to do a "find and replace" in all of our reports (200+) can be somewhat daunting. In the past, we have resorted to "divide and conquer", as well as using applicatio...  read more >>

Posted by J. Reitter, 8 days ago
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I have 3 level hierarchy for my checkboxlist. I can get caption of selected value through @ Request which will give me caption of the loswest level. How can I get caption of top level or middle level of the value selected?  ...

Posted by Ankur Saxena, 8 days ago
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The analysis grid was caching data from the first time we passed data to it. Was using the special parameter rdAgRefreshData, but that wasn't working. Solution:If you experience the same, try using the rdAgReset parameter and setting it t...

Posted by Paul Smith, 14 days ago
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Greetings, I am attempting to connect to a 32-bit PervasiveSQL database.  We're currently running 64-bit LogiInfo, so a mismatch error is occurring with the standard ODBC & OLEDB setup, as referrenced here: https://devnet.logiana...  read more >>

Posted by Jonathan Ferris, 18 days ago
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Hi All, I have been trying for a while now to get dynamically changing heights using a few different methods. i have got my dashboard so that it is responsive width-wise. all elements take up thier assigned preportion of the screen using ...  read more >>

Posted by Mathew Carroll, 17 months ago
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Before inserting a new column in which I have a label with an HTML Caption, my report worked fine. Now when I click on the 'next' page in interactive paging, I receive this error: Invalid XHTML response for an AJAX request. Message:Name c...  read more >>

Posted by Ian Nelson, 71 months ago
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This is really specific to this version, I've upgraded through the versions from 12.5 SP4 to 12.6 and I have had the issue in every one.  Issue: Even though the database shows the isDisabled = 1 when looking at the scheduler page, us...  read more >>

Posted by Joshua Houghton, 27 days ago
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We have an open support case for this issue, but I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this issue. We have a complicated "dashboard" style report.  The "Main" query for the report is at the "root" level as a DataLayer.SQL que...  read more >>

Posted by J. Reitter, 1 month ago
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