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Hello, I have a Chart.XY element for a vertical bar chart - I would like to change the position and color of the data values that are visible when "Show Data Values" is set to true, I considered a stylesheet, but as the charts are images I...  read more >>

Posted by Alexei Short, 4 days ago
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I am creating dataviews using api calls successfully, however they are not showing up when I load a list of all dataviews. I've checked the call and it is filtering on the EnrichmentView tag, which none of my dataviews have. Anyone run in...  read more >>

Posted by Andrew Wheeler, 5 days ago
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I have a process task that is set up to export a report. If the report being exported throws an error, for whatever reason, I want to send an email to inform the consumer that the export has failed. In testing, I have forced it to fail by c...  read more >>

Posted by Gene Schmidt, 12 days ago
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I would like to use the Report Definition Caption element attribute value as a token. When I create a report definition, there is a set of attributes that are for the report (ID, Report Language, Element Positioning, etc...). There is one c...  read more >>

Posted by James Beames, 10 days ago
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Hi Team, How to set border(show Gridline) thickness when report export to excel...

Posted by Srikanth Ramachandra, 10 days ago
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I see that this issue has been brought up before with not terribly conclusive solutions, if any at all (here and here). Is there a way to get rid of the extra space after a Printable Paging header? I've tried using this CSS solution mentio...  read more >>

Posted by Ashley Rellora, 8 months ago
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According to the documentation for AuthenticationClientAddresses: Specify ranges of IP addresses with wildcards. To use wildcards, specify an IP address, the space character, then the wildcard mask. For example to allow all addresses in th...  read more >>

Posted by Joe DiPaulo, 13 days ago
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Does anyone know how to add a custom data label to a Series.Bar? For example, if my Y-Axis is 10, but I want it to say 55 but have the bar still sit at the 10 line on the grid, how do I do that? Or if I want the label to say 'Finished'...  read more >>

Posted by Tim Ivanchuk, 21 days ago
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I've a report, I want to export to Excel. The report contains a More Info Row table with many numeric values. When I export the report to Excel, the numeric values of the More Info Row tables are shown as text field (with green tri-angels t...  read more >>

Posted by Ton Schoenmakers, 14 days ago
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I have a dashboard which consists in sub reports.  In my dashboard initial report I have a datalayer which is liked to the subreports. I have set the LinkDataLayers attribute to True in the Target report elements but still I get this ...  read more >>

Posted by Andre Leite, 16 days ago
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