Hi All, I'm looking for a way to try and do fallback connections within our dashboards, our company usually has two servers per site which mirror one another, in the event the main one fails, the backup kicks in - sometimes the company&nbs...  read more >>

Posted by Mathew Carroll
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Hi, Our accounts package stores a 'Due Date' as a number instead of date field on sql. For example ; the data is stored as 43434 (30/11/2018). Is there a way for Logi to convert 43434 to a proper date? Thanks, David...

Posted by David H., within the last day
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The folder structure under 'Application and Files' in Logi Studio is not showing properly. Subdirectories have their own parent directory and are named 'ParentFolder.ChildFolder.ChartName', and are showing at the root of the reports folder....  read more >>

Posted by Tim Ivanchuk, within the last day
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I am trying to embed my LOGI page using the method descrived within the <div> tages but get the following error on the page: Invalid Definition name: Default/rdPage.aspx? Any ideas?...

Posted by Jon Walters, 4 days ago
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Hi all, I need to change the text color of rows of the report based on conditions. I added ConditionalClass under the label elements of each field, the class is GreenText, and this is what I have in the css file: .GreenText { color: Green...  read more >>

Posted by Hardeep Dhani, 27 months ago
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Hi, I have specified some currency formatting  in Excel Column Format element where the Excel Format is @ Local.CURRENCY_SYMBOL~###,###,##0.00  and Data Type is number. This formatting works for $ and € which is a...  read more >>

Posted by Prachi Chandrakar, 7 days ago
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Hi, I am using this custom function and calling it using the Action.Javascript element to submit the report on a button click. SubmitReport('@ Request.rdReport~'); function SubmitReport(report){ SubmitForm('rdPage.aspx?rdReport='+report...  read more >>

Posted by Prachi Chandrakar, 19 days ago
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Logi Error: The GalleryFile was not found at c:\inetpub\Dashboard\goBookmarks\usercode\goGallery.xml. The problem we're running into is that it appears to only create the \goBookmarks\usercode folder for some users.  Issue has occurred...  read more >>

Posted by Travis Papay, 15 days ago
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Hi I am trying to plugin my java program output to logi which is formatted to JSON. I am facing connection timeout when ever i debug my plugin. [ Moderator: Some issues do not lend themselves to diagnosis by DevNet members on this user-to-...  read more >>

Posted by Godson Miller, 20 days ago
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We're pleased to announce the release of Logi Info v12.6. This is a big release with numerous enhancements. Read our What's New in 12.6 document to learn about them. For more comprehensive information, see the Release Notes....

Posted by Logi Customer Service, 21 days ago
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