I have a report with a button that exports a datatable to a csv. However, when I first load the report -- even when the table is visible in the browser (i.e. not set to rdExport) -- the export contains only the headers and none of the data....  read more >>

Posted by Rebecca Meissen, 2 days ago
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I am trying to export multiple data tables into a spreadsheet. It seems the only way to do this is with a Native Excel Export. However, I get this error message when trying to export: "Logi Debugger Trace ReportThere was an error whi...  read more >>

Posted by Maggie Brown, 22 days ago
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Are the Logi Debugger Trace Reports accurate?  I have a compare filter with an Include Condition attribute whose value is: "@ Request.inpDisease~"= "" When I select a disease from my Input Select List and I look in the trace...  read more >>

Posted by Phil Oxenberg, 8 days ago
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We are having some serious issues getting reports to show up properly on a report. We have a dashboard which has multiple reports, and once we run it in the browser and try to print, we are never able to get the page to print right. We have...  read more >>

Posted by Tim Ivanchuk, 10 months ago
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I have been asked to expose Logi Reports to the Internet. IIS and the associated Logi application would reside on a Windows server in the DMZ. The database (SQL Server) will reside inside the firewall. What ports do I need to open between ...  read more >>

Posted by David Livelsberger, 11 days ago
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With the release of Logi Info 12.7, the "Team Developer" option in Logi Studio is no longer available. Has anyone been able to import TeamDeveloper into GIT?  What about just extracting the Team Developer (VistaDB) data into an Excel ...  read more >>

Posted by J. Reitter, 9 days ago
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Hi, I have a crosstab table that contains 0's buit the 0's are not being displayed, the values are just blank?...

Posted by Jon Walters, 10 days ago
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I have a simple scatter chart application that works great when my DataLayer Type="Excel" and the DataLayer contains a DataLayerLink.  When I replace the DataLayer with Type="JsonFile" and and using a copy of the same DataLayerLink use...  read more >>

Posted by Phil Oxenberg, 10 days ago
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I have a chart where the y-axis scale ranges from $0 to $1.3M.  When I use the mp format, I have to set it to $#0.0mp in order to display the ".3" part... but unfortunately that also means $900k is displayed as $900.0k.  Is there ...  read more >>

Posted by Shane Wu, 69 months ago
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Hi,   While I'm trying to send a SMS Text message from one of the dashboards, getting the following error (from the stacktrace): Inner error:Message:There was a problem: The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was...  read more >>

Posted by John Joseph, 14 days ago
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