Is there a way to click on a day/square of a Data Calendar and use that date to refresh something else? Kind of like how on charts I can use @ Chart to grab a specific element (date, category) and use that to refresh a table by clicking on ...  read more >>

Posted by Ashley Rellora, within the last day
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I am trying to using an active directory account for MSSQL database connection in place of a local MSSQL user. When I try entering my account as DOMAIN\user and password, the connection fails.  I work in other languages and need to ad...  read more >>

Posted by Ron Lift, 2 days ago
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Hi,    I was going to open a new case but thought I would ask in the forum instead.  I am trying to input numbers from a checklist and then input the numbers inot a SQL database. (Possibly vai a stored Procedure)   ...  read more >>

Posted by Amjad Qazi, 16 days ago
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I'm looking to find a way to run a mysql INSERT process after doing some form validation with a javascript action script. I want to remain on the page where the event is triggered and only update a user message that is situated below my for...  read more >>

Posted by Barry Wilson, 3 days ago
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I was wondering if there are any concerns about using the Logi applications and the new Oracle JRE commercial licensing requirements? ...

Posted by J. Reitter, 2 days ago
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Is there a way to display a chart via chart canvas to contain the X and Y axis of the chart without any Labels on the axis?...

Posted by Jon Walters, 26 days ago
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Hi all, I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'd like to create a stacked bar graph similar to the image attached (which is from Excel).  The dataset I'm pulling in is from a stored procedure that takes in a start and end date range...  read more >>

Posted by Rebecca Meissen, 3 days ago
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For pie and bar charts in particular, Is there a way to make the chart colors consistent?  For example, I have a data seried that contains 3 values - success, fail and unknown.  I'd like for the success graph (pie piece or bar) t...  read more >>

Posted by Eric Phetteplace, 9 days ago
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If there are more than a few months in the chart, the do not scrunch up together, but instead get cut off. Lengthening and/or shortening the chart or window does not change the bars. This is constant after a few series. There are at least s...  read more >>

Posted by Tim Ivanchuk, 10 days ago
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I am having issues with overlapping with a Stacked Series.Bar. Sometimes this shows up right, but most of they time, all of the bars overlap. This seems to happen more often when you have more data send to the chart. The X-Axis is an Elemen...  read more >>

Posted by Tim Ivanchuk, 10 days ago
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