We set up some tasks to query a database and then in turn update our database with the queried information. There have been instances where these process take hours due to possible connectivity issues to the database or a mistake we ma...  read more >>

Posted by Michael Sandberg, 2 days ago
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This might just be a perception, but we appear to be noticing a longer report load time using Logi Info 12.5 SP8 than with SP1. We have not been able to capture anything in the debug output, but the overall perception from our Users is the ...  read more >>

Posted by J. Reitter, 10 days ago
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Hello all - I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for creating a stacked area chart with a running total? I am attaching the chart that I'm looking for as created in Excel - I can create a running total chart in Logi, but can't seem to get...  read more >>

Posted by Sasha Ballen, 3 days ago
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I have a dashboard chart with an excel datalayer.  The excel file is automatically updated periodically.  Is there a way to grab the last modified date of an excel datalayer file?  I am looking for a way to display on my dash...  read more >>

Posted by Renea Ingram, 4 days ago
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One of data sources is changing their connection to require SSH. We are able to connect to this database over SSH via a standard database client like navicat or workbench. How can we accomplish this in Logi?...

Posted by Michael Sandberg, 8 days ago
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Hi All, We were wondering if it is possible to use angular material in the Logi reports? For instance, one example would be an angular calendar. Thanks...

Posted by Greg Baird, 10 days ago
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Having some difficultly in using a nested token to dynamically alter the label caption of a data table column based upon user input.  The underlying data layer of the table is a rest API call which is working correctly(verif...  read more >>

Posted by Ramakrishna Gouru, 9 days ago
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Hi , I want to construct a page that has 2 imput select list. Depending on the data polpulated in the first select list, the second input select list has to populate. What is the simplest way to achieve this. Thanks, Asha...

Posted by Asha Cherian, 15 days ago
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I am trying to install the Discovery Module 3.0.1830 silently (from command line) using the parameters as listed by the --help option.  I want it to bundle the JRE8 as part of the install.  Each option I have tried fails to instal...  read more >>

Posted by Jeff Henderson, 16 days ago
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Is there any way to determine the version of Logi Server being used for an app WITHOUT using the Logi Info Server Manager or Logi Studio?   I'm trying to find it stored in a file somewhere or something like that.  Since Serve...  read more >>

Posted by Andrea DeJarnett, 17 days ago
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