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I have a Series.Bar with an Element - Action.Report assigned that links to another dashboard. I need to remove the hyperlink based on  a value from the DataLayer, I don't see a way to add a condition or division at this level....

Posted by Terry Foster, 3 days ago
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Hello, I am trying to export multiple tables on a single report using excel sheet break feature. On devnet I can see there is ExcelBlankSheet parameter which can be set to True/False to remove the excess blank sheet in the downloaded repor...  read more >>

Posted by Gayatri Kalele, 24 days ago
1 reply

Error when trying to export to excel this is because using html tags and also addedd Format as HTML in one of the data column. Logi Debugger Trace Report There was an error while processing your request. The error was: Name cannot begin...  read more >>

Posted by Chandra Nooka, 23 days ago
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I'm trying to set the sameSite attriube on the sessionState, and httpCookies properties in the web.config as outlined in this post  read more >>

Posted by Jeff Alba, 20 days ago
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We can able to generate a xlsx file and open through open office and WPS software. Its working fine. While we are trying to open through microsoft excel software. its not opening, getting an error. Error Message : 'Excel cannot open th fi...  read more >>

Posted by ARUNKUMAR THANGARAJ, 6 months ago
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Has anyone tried to use a Solid State drive and put the default rdDataCache folder on it to help improve speed/performance? If so, do you have any numbers/metrics you can share to show performance improvements? Recommendations on sizing? ...  read more >>

Posted by J. Reitter, 79 months ago
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We are having some serious issues getting reports to show up properly on a report. We have a dashboard which has multiple reports, and once we run it in the browser and try to print, we are never able to get the page to print right. We have...  read more >>

Posted by Tim Ivanchuk, 15 months ago
2 replies

we are using Logi Composer 4.0.288-SP1 and having problem with timezone. when user creates a Scheduling Export in library, the time displaying in pop-up is local time got from his PC/laptop: pop-up But after saving it is saved as UT...  read more >>

Posted by Andi Taufiq, 27 days ago
1 reply

Can someone, anyone, explain, how a MAJOR feature such as Team Development can be removed without any warning whatsoever? This as per the release notes for 12.7.154!!!! Now, I'm confused. The option to add team Development to the Settings ...  read more >>

Posted by Campbell Fuller, 30 days ago
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Hi Team, I am facing issue while Downloading file from server. While dowloading files i get an error of access denied on "JReport\Designer\style\Neutral.css ".     ...

Posted by Rakesh Kumar, 1 month ago
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