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Can someone, anyone, explain, how a MAJOR feature such as Team Development can be removed without any warning whatsoever? This as per the release notes for 12.7.154!!!! Now, I'm confused. The option to add team Development to the Settings ...  read more >>

Posted by Campbell Fuller, 3 months ago
1 reply

Hi, after upgrading the server version, when using Nested Group Filters in a table the outer Group Header Row is no longer rendered, is there a way to get it working again or is it a bug?Example (see attached): On .NET Server Engine Version...  read more >>

Posted by Jaco Swanepoel, 26 months ago
2 replies

Hi Is there a way to have button groups tthat work kind of like a Radio Button? i.e. as a button is clicked it is the active one and the other become inactive? Alternatively, is there a way to change the background colour of a button? So,...  read more >>

Posted by Campbell Fuller, 25 months ago
1 reply

Hi I have just upgraded to v12.5.127-SP1 from v11.0.43 and have an issue with Tab Panels not rendering when clicked. It works perfectly in the Preview but when I deploy it to my live environment it does not work. The First tab Panel displ...  read more >>

Posted by Campbell Fuller, 25 months ago
1 reply

Hi I have  been successfully using Excel Templates for quite some time without any issues whatsoever. Recently I needed to modify a template , which I duly did and now it simply does not work. No errors, no messages, no failure. Nothi...  read more >>

Posted by Campbell Fuller, 27 months ago
1 reply

Hi I recently  bought a new laptop which has Windows 10 on it and duly installed Logi Studio. I have no problems opening up projects which are on a Dev Server. Nor do I have issues working or running those projects. However, when try...  read more >>

Posted by Campbell Fuller, 36 months ago
1 reply

Hi I am using an excel template to export data which I have done quite a few times before. The one difficulty with this one is it has sub pattern blocks with sub totals and then a grand total. Apart from the normal challenge of getti...  read more >>

Posted by Campbell Fuller, 46 months ago
0 replies

Hi There, Ok, so upgraded to version 12.1.188 and all my reports that use calculated fields have gone belly up. It's a complete and utter mess! I have tested it creating a calculated field that simply returns another fields value without...  read more >>

Posted by Campbell Fuller, 49 months ago
4 replies

Hi There,   Wonder if anyone can assist with a formatting issue using the SendHTMLReport? I have a report that when run as a normal report in the browser the formatting, with respect to column alignment, is perfect. However, when I ...  read more >>

Posted by Campbell Fuller, 49 months ago
0 replies

Hi, I use the the SendHTMLReport option as part of a task in a process file to mail reports to users on a daily basis. What is rather frustrating is the formatting of the HTML within the mail message is a complete mess. The most irritatin...  read more >>

Posted by Campbell Fuller, 56 months ago
0 replies

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