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Frozen Column

K.C. Abishek
United States

15 Aug 2019 04:32 PM
This thread has been resolved and is closed.
12.5.175-SP3    Java app   80 views   


I'm using Data table to generate dynamic columns using Repeat elements. There could be 20+ columns in the report.

Is there a way to keep the left most column fixed or frozen so that when i scroll horizontally, i can always see the left most column.

Gary Holmes
United States

19 Aug 2019 07:29 AM

No, that kind of "Excel" functionality is not possible. The Basic Data Table sample application provides an example of a method for freezing column headers and you might be able to adapt that to coumns, but it's kind of a clunky solution.

An alternate approach is to initially display fewer columns and to provide some of the less important column data in More Info Rows.



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