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Scheduled Email DNS Error: GetHostByName

Reid Greene
United States

05 Aug 2019 09:29 PM
This thread has been resolved and is closed.
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Scheduled emails stop sending and when testing emails from the Ad Hoc Management Console I receive DNS error "GetHostByName".  A reboot solves the problem.  This happens daily and started just a few weeks ago. I have not been able to solve the problem.  I have reset through the Management Console the proper SMTP server, port and valid email address. I test early each morning, ...the emails do not send and I reboot.  After the reboot emails send fine.

MS Server 2012 R2 Standard.

Any ideas?


Lee Hausman
United States

Logi Team
07 Aug 2019 07:21 AM

Hi Reid,

This is the Logi Info forum, so it's not likely that you'll receive any replies to your post. We no longer operate a Logi Ad Hoc forum. However, you'll receive a guaranteed response if you open a Logi Support case.

Kind regards,

- Lee


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