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JReport error while using subquery

Jayalakshmi Arumugam

05 Aug 2019 03:07 AM
This thread has been resolved and is closed.
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While creating a JReport Ad Hoc Report, I can able to see Designer result but after publishing into the JReport Server I couldn't view the same resulted report. I am getting error, NullPointerException at GetSliceObjectLayoutResultAction.java:153

 I used two Sql qurey for the report. Main query for table data. subquery for banded object. 

How I can handle the problem. 

Note: If cartesian exists also report showing in JReport Designer but Server Does not.


Lee Hausman
United States

Logi Team
05 Aug 2019 08:25 AM

Hi Jayalakshmi,

This forum is for users of our Logi Info product, so you won't receive any replies here regarding JReport. As you're still evaluating the product, we've reached out to our Sales and Support staff and they will contact you directly.

Kind regards,

- Lee


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