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Letting the user choose Page row count in a Data Table

John Joseph
United States

04 Aug 2019 11:52 PM
This thread has been resolved and is closed.
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We have a data grids in a few places where we're displaying data using Data Table element, and included pagination as well. This is working fine. In the data grid 

 We're also trying to add a provision where the customer can select the page row count which will dynamically change the # of records displayed in the data grid and adjusts the # of pages(pagination) automatically.

 Any thoughts?



Suresh Sadique

05 Aug 2019 08:20 AM

The Interactive Pagination element has a Page Row Count attribute and you may use an @ Request token for its value. That lets you set a default row count, using Default Request Parameters, and provide users with an input element where they can enter/select a row count number followed by a page or div refresh that updates the table.



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