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Can we create a Graph with 2 Y axis & ensure the 0 is at same level

Ameya More

31 Jul 2019 10:41 AM
This thread has been resolved and is closed.
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Can we create a Bar Graph with 2 Y axis & ensure the 0 is at same level

The units/counts of the 2 Y axis is different.

Chart 1- X axis Territory ( Region Names)

               Y axis Budget ( $ amounts,can be negative)

Chart 2- X axis Territory (Region Names)

               Y Axis Quota Allotted( Products Quota, not a negative value)

If we merge the 2 charts and have the Common X axis, we need to see the result with 2 Y axes & 1 X- axes

We tried doing this in Chart Canvas, but the 2nd Y axis had a different 0 starting from bottom of the chart & not matching where the 0 for 1st Y axis was.

Please suggest a solution

John Joseph
United States

04 Aug 2019 11:44 PM

We've done somethign similar - basically, the date range in the X-axis. The # of devices in the first Y-axis and % of assets in the second Y-axis, both starting in 0 & 0% respectively. 

Approach used is as follows:

- the Data layer will return values for asset count and % of assets (as count) by date

- % of assets is converted into a % value using calculated column element

- add two y-axis element and make one of them as the secondary by setting the 'Opposite Side = True' attribute


Hope this helps.

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