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Animated maps USA drill down to state maps

Kurtis Linke
United States

29 Apr 2020 11:10 AM
This thread has been resolved and is closed.
12.7.106-SP2   Java app   243 views   

I have creaetd a animated map showing sales volumes by state and now trying to add a drill down to show each states sales volumes by county. I am having an issue passing a parameter from the USA animated map to the individual state level maps.  I have added a Action Report to the USA map and added linked parameter for the State.  I have tried @ Chart.LongName~ and @ Data.State~ to send the state name to the drill down state level report.  I call @ Request .State to use as the Map Type and also pass that value to the SQL query for state sales.  I look at debug for the drill down report and the @ Request.State is not getting set from the parent report.  Am I missing something?

Blake Ryner
United States

30 Apr 2020 12:52 PM

I'm wondering if there is some type of bug in Logi...I was trying to put together a sample to send over but I couldn't get it working either.  I thought maybe my code was bad, so I downloaded the sample map application (http://sampleapps.logianalytics.com/SampleAnimatedMaps/rdPage.aspx) and tried to run it.  Locally, a map click doesn't do anything on 12.7.154 SP3 / IIS.



Kurtis Linke
United States

30 Apr 2020 04:21 PM

if I hard code a specific state I can get the drill through to work.  The issue is I have sales in all states and I need to be able to pass a parameter from the USA map. I cannot even get a parameter to show a value.  If I knew what parameter to set in Link Parameter I think it would work.

Kurtis Linke
United States

01 May 2020 08:32 AM

after reviewing the sample code, I see they are passing @ Chart.LongName~ and when I try that no value is getting sent to the @ Request value in the drill down report.  This does appear to be a bug.

Kurtis Linke
United States

13 May 2020 09:39 AM

response from Logi

There is a known issue in 12.7 SP 3 where the @ Chart tokens failed to pass correctly.

This was fixed in 12.7 SP4. Our latest version is 12.7 SP5 and I would suggest upgrading to that instead of SP4.


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