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Cannot set sameSite cookie in web.config

Jeff Alba
United States

09 Mar 2020 01:12 PM
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I'm trying to set the sameSite attriube on the sessionState, and httpCookies properties in the web.config as outlined in this post https://devnet.logianalytics.com/rdPage.aspx?rdReport=ForumThreadPosts&CatID=0&dnID=&FID=1&MaxRows=10&ThreadID=37580&YP=0

I am getting a parser error 'Unrecognized attribute 'cookieSameSite'. Note that attribute names are case-sensitive.'

here is my config...

    <sessionState mode="InProc" cookieless="false" cookieSameSite="None" />

I get the same error for...

    <httpCookies sameSite="None" httpOnlyCookies="true" />

Natan Cohen
United States

26 Mar 2020 05:43 PM

Hi Jeff,

Can you tell me what version of ASP.NET you have installed on the server?  And what version of .Net is the application pool that hosts your Logi app targeting?



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