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Error when trying to export to excel

Chandra Nooka
United States

06 Mar 2020 03:26 PM
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Error when trying to export to excel this is because using html tags and also addedd Format as HTML in one of the data column.

Logi Debugger Trace Report

There was an error while processing your request.

The error was:

Name cannot begin with the '1' character, hexadecimal value 0x31. Line 3, position 1812.

Natan Cohen
United States

26 Mar 2020 05:54 PM

Hi Chandra,

The Info engine attempts to produce an XHTML document of what will ultimately be parsed and exported to XLS.  It appears that at least one of the XHTML element or attribute names is starting with a numeric char, which is unsupported by the syntactical rules of XHTML.  Do you have HTML tags in your data table?  If you disable Format="HTML", does it resolve the export issue?



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