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Excel sheet break blank sheet feature

Gayatri Kalele
United States

05 Mar 2020 02:35 PM
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I am trying to export multiple tables on a single report using excel sheet break feature. On devnet I can see there is ExcelBlankSheet parameter which can be set to True/False to remove the excess blank sheet in the downloaded report.

In the current version 12.5.207-SP4, I only have two parameters as ID and sheet name. Can somebody help me where I can find the third parameter or fro where I can access it?

Natan Cohen
United States

26 Mar 2020 06:03 PM

Hi Gayatri,

Can you show me where on DevNet you see this parameter?  I'd like to know if it's a newly supported attribute for the ExcelSheetBreak element, or whether it's a special link parameter you have to pass when requesting the export.



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