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timezone converting for end-users

Andi Taufiq

02 Mar 2020 04:30 AM
This thread has been resolved and is closed.
4.0.288-SP1      48 views   

we are using Logi Composer 4.0.288-SP1 and having problem with timezone.

when user creates a Scheduling Export in library, the time displaying in pop-up is local time got from his PC/laptop:


But after saving it is saved as UTC time without converting, i.g my local time is "10:00 AM GMT+7", the scheduling is saved as 10:00 AM UTC

scheduling management

I want to know if there is any methods to deal with end-user timezone in this case ? 


Felipe Blanco
United States

04 Mar 2020 12:32 PM

Andi Taufiq,

We have fixed that issue in the 4.1 Composer released the issues that fixed had this descrition:


Scheduler does not take into account timezone. So if the user wants to run schedule job on a specific time, it will run correctly only if server and user browser are in one timezone. Let go through this case:

time now for user is 18:00
time now on server is 16:00
the user creates schedule and wants it to be run on 22:00
Actual: job will run on 22:00 (server time). For user it will be midnight

Expected: job should be run on 22:00 for user (20:00 server time)


fixed in the 4.1 please contact your account manager for details on the upgrade.




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