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Migrate TeamDeveloper (VistaDB) into GIT

J. Reitter
United States

09 Oct 2019 11:49 AM
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With the release of Logi Info 12.7, the "Team Developer" option in Logi Studio is no longer available. Has anyone been able to import TeamDeveloper into GIT? 

What about just extracting the Team Developer (VistaDB) data into an Excel spreadsheet? 

We have tried the following after unsuccessfully searching and trying different connectors/C# code to access the data: 

  • Download VistaDB trial. 
  • Update the VDB3 format to VDB5.
  • Script out the objects (File and FileRevision tables) using the VistaDB trial "studio". 
  • Create SQL Server objects (dbo.File and dbo.FileRevision); import the data using the VistaDB trial and the "VistaDB ADO.NET 5 provider". 

We also figured out the FileRevision "Data" field contents... apparently, the data field is a gzip compressed field (the beginning "0x1f8b08" in each data item is a gzip signature). The SQL "DECOMPRESS" function (SQL Server 2016 or greater...) uses GZIP algorithms.

,CONVERT(XML,DECOMPRESS([Data])) as DeCompressedDataValue
FROM dbo.FileRevision



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