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Printing Issues with Dashboard

Tim Ivanchuk
United States

12 Dec 2018 08:44 AM
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We are having some serious issues getting reports to show up properly on a report. We have a dashboard which has multiple reports, and once we run it in the browser and try to print, we are never able to get the page to print right. We have messed with margins and the paging element but with no avail. When we add an export to PDF in the footer, so we can print the whole page, we get a 'PhantomJS Error Code 2'. This is extremely frustrating.

 Does anybody have any guidelines with printing reports? 

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stephen hogg
United States

12 Oct 2019 12:52 AM

I also faced the same pdf printed issue with my Canon printer. I tried many processes but could not solve the problem. Then I updated the printer drivers and also changed printer ink but a new issue occurred in my printer. When I wanted to print a document that time  Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages . I need a solution.

J. Reitter
United States

05 Mar 2020 12:26 PM

Without knowing more details (what do you mean by "print right"? Is everything shifted?)... here are some things we worked on with Logi Support (using the SampleChartCanvasCharts sample), plus a "print from browser" we tested as an alternative to Logi PDF exports: 

--------------------------------------------------- Logi Support -------------------------------------------

You can control what elements are included in the PDF export using the Show Mode and Condition attribute of some elements. The content needs to be organized in Divisions to use the Show Mode attribute properly.

Simply set Show Mode to rdBrowser for those elements that you want to exclude from the PDF export. However, the master report element doesn’t have a Show Mode attribute, but you can set the Show Mode of the elements in the master report definition itself or (a cleaner solution if you don’t want to modify the master report) use a Shared Element to include the master report.

The Shared Element has a condition attribute, so you could create a Shares report with a shared element to include the master report and, in your actual dashboard report, include the master report via Shared Element with the condition. For example:

< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"? >
< Report ID="shares" >
< SharedElement ID="shareMaster" >
< MasterReport Report="master"/ >
< /SharedElement >
< /Report >

And then on the Dashboard report:

< Report ID="test" >
< IncludeSharedElement Condition="…” DefinitionFile="shares" SharedElementID="shareMaster" / >
< Body >
< /Body >
< /Report >

The condition is: '@ Request.rdReportFormat~' != 'PDF'

You can learn more about the Show Mode and Condition attributes on DevNet.

Here is another option: 
---------------------- Print PDF from Browser --------------------------------------------------
• Print the web page (keyboard shortcut is CNTRL-P).
For instance, in Chrome:
a. Select the triple buttons in the right upper corner of the browser,
b. Select “Print”
c. In the print destination, select “Save as PDF”.
d. Open the “More Settings” option.
e. Un-select the “Options: Headers and Footers” button (this remove the URL from the PDF file).
f. Provide a name for the file.
g. SAVE.

Some note(s): 

  1. If you have a menu bar, try to collapse it so it will not display in the PDF. 
  2. You may need to play with re-sizing of the dashboard web page, otherwise you will get “SCROLL BARS” at the bottom of the various dashboard elements that do not actually display on the dashboard. 


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